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One of the most affordable and easiest ways to improve your smile is with teeth whitening. Professional teeth whitening offers a convenient way to achieve a noticeably brighter smile that you can’t get with store-bought whitening strips. The professional dental team at 183 Family Dentistry can conveniently whiten your teeth in a matter of hours. If you’re curious about teeth whitening, schedule a consultation at the Leander, Texas, office online or call today.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

What causes yellow teeth?

Many factors contribute to teeth yellowing. Certain medications, age, and the things you drink and eat can all contribute. Surface stains on the enamel of your teeth from drinks like coffee, tea, and red wine, can make your teeth look yellow. Major culprits also include smoking and tobacco.

Eventually, the surface stains can get even more challenging to get rid of, because they soak deep into the enamel of your tooth to the dentin.

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening refers to the process of bleaching your teeth to break up the concentration of stains or discoloration, giving your teeth a whiter, healthier-looking appearance. This is an effective way to enhance your smile for years to come.

How does teeth whitening work?

Generally, there are two types of teeth whitening: vital and non-vital.

Vital Teeth Whitening

During a vital whitening, the team at 183 Family Dentistry uses a powerful bleaching agent containing a form of hydrogen peroxide. You wear a mouth tray that contains the whitening gel, and the bleaching agent acts on tooth stains and discoloration in short order.

A professional in-office vital whitening shouldn’t take more than an hour. In some cases, if it’s more convenient for you, the staff can provide you with a take-home whitening kit to use on your own time. You can whiten your teeth in just a few short weeks with a take-home whitening kit.

Non-Vital Teeth Whitening

A non-vital whitening addresses stains that stem from inside your tooth, such as teeth affected post-root canal treatment. During this type of whitening procedure, your dentist applies the whitening agent inside your tooth and puts a filling over it.

Depending on how well you care for your teeth and limit your intake of food and drinks known to cause stains, your whitening results can last for 1-3 years.

Is teeth whitening safe?

Yes. As long as you obey product instructions and guidelines, teeth whitening is an entirely safe process. The professionals at 183 Family Dentistry offer professional in-office teeth whitening treatments for safe, reliable results. You may prefer to get your teeth whitened in only one appointment if you have a busy schedule, or steadily over time with a take-home teeth whitening kit.

In either instance, professional teeth whitening gel is not harmful to put in your mouth and on your teeth. You may experience minor, temporary gum and tooth sensitivity as a result of the bleaching agents.

To learn more about in-office teeth whitening treatments as well as the take-home option, call or schedule a consultation at 183 Family Dentistry today. Give yourself a smile you're proud to wear!

*Individual results may vary.